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Want to check the authenticity of your product? In order to distinguish our high-quality, original-equipment spare parts from cheap imitation and counterfeit products, we’ve introduced a multi-level security system. A combination of security features helps to identify our products. Step-by-step, all of the spare parts made by LuK, INA and FAG will receive their own computer generated identities in the form of alphanumeric MAPP-Codes (Manufacturers against Product Piracy), which is as unique as a fingerprint and consists of three lines.

How you can check whether the printed code is valid:

  • Enter the three lines of the MAPP-Code manually into the boxes below, or
  • Scan the MAPP-Code with a smartphone using the TecIdentify or NeoReader app, or
  • Scan the MAPP-Code using a 2D barcode scanner.

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